Comline News: Pumps with Prowess

Comline is once again making an impact across the UK and wider European aftermarket and this time it’s the brand’s range of water pumps that are in the spotlight. Comline hasComline News: Pumps with Prowess  announced the introduction of 21 new water pump numbers as part of an ongoing expansion project that will see its range double in size to over 350 part numbers by the end of 2015. Sales & Marketing Director, Malcolm Rosher comments:

“Water pumps will be a particular focus for Comline in 2015 and we have big plans for the range. We already have the bulk of popular numbers covered but by year end we will be in a position to offer a water pump for over 90% of the European, Japanese and Korean vehicle parc.”

Among this batch of 21 new Comline water pumps are some standout numbers that the brand expects to be in high demand. These include:

EWP141          Application:   Dacia Logan (06->), Dacia Sandero (08->), Nissan Qashqai (07->), Renault Clio (01->), Renault Megane (02->)

EWP152          Application:   BMW 1-Series (06->), 3-Series (07->10), 5-Seriec (05->), X1 (09->), X3 (07->)

EWP156          Application:   Ford Mondeo (08->), Ford S-Max (08->), Land Rover Freelander (06->)

EWP171          Application:   Audi A4 (06->), Audi TT (08->), SEAT Leon (06->), VW Golf (06->)

Comline is well known for delivering product of consistent, reliable quality across its range and its water pump offering sticks rigidly to brand’s quality ethos. Comline water pumps utilise Super ‘N’ high grade bearing grease that is tested to perform across a huge range of temperatures (-40°C to 200°C) whilst delivering low noise properties. Each water pump is also tension tested to ensure the correct pressure for maximum sealing and service life performance. Reflecting product confidence, all Comline water pumps are then batch and date stamped for total traceability. Malcolm Rosher comments:

“At Comline we take great pride in the quality of our products. Some may associate the brand with great value, and rightly so, but we are also committed to delivering product of undeniable quality. Water pumps are no exception and we are confident that each part number within our range firmly ticks the box when it comes to quality and performance.”

Development of the Comline product range shows no signs of slowing and, with at attractive blend quality and value on offer, it’s easy to see why Comline is currently one of the fastest growing automotive brands in Europe.